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TEXAS DPS Authorized Road Test

No hassle. No wait. No problem.

$85 and $10 off if you trained with us!


Texas DPS Authorized Road Test
HOW IT WORKS with Austin Driving School

Don’t want to wait for an appointment at DPS to take your driving test? Well you don’t have to! Austin Driving School is authorized to offer the DPS Authorized Road Test at our own locations. Get your license in familiar surroundings with the people you already know and trust.


Austin Driving School provides a modern and safe vehicle for testing.


Review the requirements below to get on the road to your license today!

DPS Authorized Road Test – $85
($10 off if you trained with us!)

Eligibility & Requirements

Ready to get driving? Make sure you meet all the eligibility requirements first!

What will you need?
16 Years & Older ►

To acquire your drivers license in the state of Texas, you must be 16 years or older.

Hold permit for 6+ months ►

You cannot test the same day as your LOFS date. The LOFS date listed on the back of your permit must be dated before the date of the test. The permit must be held through midnight of this date.

(LOFS: License Operator Front Seat)

Valid Texas Learner's Permit ►

This cannot be a fee receipt, it will need to have your photo and restrictions on it.

Complete a 32 hour online/classroom course ►

In order to acquire your license you must complete 32 hours of driving theory.

Complete 7 hours driving / 7 hours observation ►

In order to acquire your license you must complete 7 hours of driving and 7 hours observing peers.

Log 30 additional driving hours ►

On the DE-964 certificate, there is a space for the individual to sign who observed your 30 hour practice driving. If they are not the parent bringing you for the test, make sure it is signed before you come in.

DE-964 Completion Certificate ►

The DE-964 must be the original certificate. If you took the theory with one course provider and the behind the wheel with another provider, you must have two DE-964 certificates. If you took both the theory and behind the wheel with the same provider, you will only need one certificate.

Complete the IMPACT Driving Course ►

 This certificate must be dated after the completion of the course and within 90 days of your test date.

Bring Parent/ Legal Guardian to the test ►

Even if you are over 18 and completed the minors drivers ed. course.

VOE and 30 Hour Log ►

If you plan on going to the DPS immediately after your test, make sure you have your 30 hour log and VOE (Verification of enrollment) form or high school diploma if you are under the age of 18

*NOTE: If you have already processed your paperwork at the Texas DPS, you will only need to bring  your learner’s permit and the receipt from the DPS.


What to Expect on the Test

Learn more about the Road Test.

Download Test Application

DPS Authorized Road Test Application

Parallel Parking

Tips and guidance on parallel parking technique.

Lane Changes & Freeway Driving

Lane change diagrams illustrating a safe change.


Instructions and diagrams explaining intersection safety.
Restrictions after your license? 
Learn About the Texas GDL Program.

Take the IMPACT Course

Whether you take your DPS Authorized Road Test with Austin Driving School or wait for an appointment at the DPS, you will need to complete the IMPACT Texas Teen Two Hour Course.

The IMPACT Texas Teen Drivers (ITTD) was developed by the Department of Public Safety with the goal of saving lives through awareness and education. The ITTD brings awareness about the dangers of distracted driving and enforces that safe driving is built upon mindful choices and habits. Remember to put away the distractions in the car and drive safely!

If you are between 18 and 24 and completed a minors drivers education course (DE-964 Certificate),  you will be required to complete the 2hour IMPACT Texas Teens Drivers Education Course and must bring a parent or guardian for the driving test.

Schedule your DPS Authorized Road Test Today!

Have you met all of the eligibility requirements and are now ready to get your license? Schedule today to take your DPS Authorized Road Test with Austin Driving School!