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Austin Driving School has been Central Texas’ choice for decades when it comes to Driver Education. We are a pivotal part of the community with 18 convenient locations to serve you. Most online driving education programs were developed and sold by software and tech companies located in far away states, but we are an actual Driving School from the heart of Texas! We developed our course using our own 40+ years of driver education experience. We built a course that not only allows students to get their driver license, but to also create an environment where they can learn in an interactive fashion online!

That is the Austin Driving School difference! Having troubles finding your way through the process? No problem, call any of our 18 locations and one of our specialists will be at your beckoning call. Not to mention, you are welcome to stop by any of our locations, anytime! We even have Parallel Parking Stations at every location that our online Parent Taught customers are welcome to use. We’re here to get you on the road as fast and safely as possible.


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    6hr Learner Permit

    Eligible after the first 6 hours.

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    Parents Guide

    In depth guide to in-car training.

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Course Details

Our NEW Online Parent Taught Driver Education courses will allow you to learn driving theory online, and your parent (guardian) will teach you how to drive by following our simple instructional guide for parents.


We also offer combination packages. If you have already completed your classroom theory and would like to learn to drive with a professional instructor, give us a call and we will help you to make it happen!


Here’s What’s Included:

  • 32HRS Online Interactive Instruction
  • Live Customer Support
  • 18 Convenient Locations for Assistance
  • Teen Driver Permit after first 6 Hours
  • Easy to use Illustrated Instruction Guide for Parents
  • Access to Parallel Parking Stations (18 ADS Locations)
  • Interactive Online Forums for Parents & Students
  • Available on any device with internet
  • Certificates e-mailed upon completion


  • Supplemental driving lessons with certified instructor available at all 18 locations.
  • DPS Authorized Road Tests available at all 18 locations.
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    Community Learning

    Students can interact through online forums in every module.

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    Designed for Parents!

    Our programs come with in-depth guides for parents.

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    Modern Education

    ADS courses exceed the industry standard.

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    Everything you need!

    We put everything in one place, so your life is easy!

Parent Taught Course Information

“Is Parent Taught Driver’s Ed Right For You?”

Parent-Taught Driver’s Ed is an alternative option to the traditional driver’s education course, but it’s not for everyone. The complete Parent Taught Driver’s Education Course includes 32 hours of online instruction, 14 hours of behind the wheel parental instruction and 30 hours of practice driving.

What if I want my teen to take the theory online, but I want a professional to teach the driving?

We can help! Teens can take the 32 hours of Parent Taught theory online and then take the 14 hours of behind the wheel instruction with a certified Austin Driving School driving instructor. During this time, they will also log in 30 hours of practice driving with a licensed driver. Keep in mind that even though the theory is being taken online, it is still considered a Parent Taught Course. The TDLR approved parent is the “Official Instructor” for the theory portion of the course.

What if I want my teen to take a traditional classroom course, but I want to teach the driving?

We can help with that to! Teens can take the 32 hours of theory at any of our convenient 18 locations, and then do the 14 hours of driving instruction with a TDLR approved parent. During this time, they will also log in 30 hours of practice driving with a licensed driver. The behind the wheel portion of the course is considered a Parent Taught Course, and the TDLR approved parent is the “Official Instructor” for that portion of the course. Don’t worry! Austin Driving School will provide an extensive, easy to use illustrated guide. This will help you teach your teen how to drive just in case you may not remember everything you were taught back when you took driver education.

How exactly does it work?

There are some important steps you must take to be eligible for Parent-Taught Driver’s Ed as well as important roles and responsibilities. Your first step is to complete a Parent Taught Application with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). Once you have been approved, you will receive a Parent Taught Driver Ed Program Guide filled with important information and forms. Once you have received your TDLR guide, you can now register and begin the online portion of the course. Even though the course is being taken online, the parent is considered the “Official Instructor” of the theory and behind the wheel course.

Parent Taught Course Structure
The course has twelve teaching units. The materials are completely online. After each unit is a review quiz, to help you learn the content.

Course Duration
You can finish the course at your own pace – most people take around 32 hours. However, Texas requires you to do it over at least 16 days – so start now to avoid delaying your license.

Final Quiz
At the end is an online final quiz to get your certificate. There are 50 multiple choice questions, and you need 80% to pass. After taking the course, you will find it easy to pass. If you have any problems, you can keep taking the test (for free) until you pass.

Free Delivery
We will mail your certificate of completion via U.S. mail. Faster delivery options are available if you need the certificate sooner

Take the first step towards your license with us!

We’re here to help! Call us if you need to.

Austin Driving School offers the highest quality driving instructors, course materials, and vehicles when driving. Safety is our number one concern so all of our vehicles are in mechanically sound condition. Our instructors have decades of experience behind them and strive to go the extra mile when it comes to helping you understand driving concepts, road laws, and vehicle safety.

Interested in private driving licenses, or further classwork / instruction? Give us a call. We offer packages to help everybody accomplish the tasks needed to acquire a drivers license.

  • Private driving lessons.
  • DPS Authorized Road Tests
  • Driving Test Preparations